Usability Audit

A web usability audit is a rigorous review into the usability of your user interface (video and report). It identifies elements that don't comply with recognised usability principles and seeks to improve the core performance of your website (bounce and conversion rates).
Regardless of whether you’re a small start-up or an established business, you’re constantly looking for ways to improve conversions. Conversions, be it sign-ups, interactions or actual sales is what makes your product generate money. Whether it’s doing great or just OK, you’re always looking for ways to make it better. After all, that’s the one thing that successful people have in common, to always try harder.

A usability audit gives you the opportunity to get an outside view from an industry expert and improve your website. My usability audit is a detailed, comprehensive report on how you can save time and make money. Please see my portfolio for a detailed usability audit example.
The output of a heuristic audit is a 2-hour screen recorded video (with commentary) of a usability expert testing your website, as well a 60-page PowerPoint presentation. The audit will:

Check your website for basic fixes: These are things that you can change more or less straight away: inconsistencies in the interface, design suggestions or copy changes that’s more in line with your brand. Implementing any of these minor things will make your product a thousand times better and vastly improve the user experience.

Check your website complies with recognised usability principles and heuristics

Suggest user journey improvements: Maybe there’s a better way of getting from A to B? Businesses lose millions of dollars every day because of abandoned shopping carts or because users lose interest in the middle of actions. This can also include stuff to do A/B testing on.

Give you design ideas and direction: Finally I will provide thoughts on your design direction and a sample of the direction I’d suggest it move towards. This is never a redesign, it’s just a way of providing a simpler, more modern but higher converting approach to your current design.

Improve bounce rates and conversion rates. Improve the ratio of visitors turning into paying customers. Retain more users on your website that leave quickly.

Need more information? See my blog post explaining in depth what this Usability Audit Service is about.
The website is put through a carefully planned testing process, tailored to your website. A several phased process is implemented to see how well your interface complies with recognised usability principles and to consult on ways to improve usability and core performance. This includes:

✓ Planning testing your website, tailored to your objective

✓ The 5 second impression test (testing first impressions)

✓ Rigorously analysing the homepage

✓ Conducting dummy purchases and testing the sales funnel

✓ Analysing all other pages

✓ Applying usability and conversion theory

✓ Making suggestions to improve the usability and conversion rate.

✓ Applying user psychology, what affects users decisions?

✓ Analysing and comparing your website to close competitors

What you will get with a web usability audit:

A professional edited and screen recorded video of 90-120 mins playtime, following a tailored testing process.

  • Usability Audit Report

A 55+ Power Point presentation building on the key findings found during video testing. This step of the audit will have much more emphasis on working solutions and mock-ups to resolve issues identified with the user interface with respect to usability and conversion rates.

✓ A comprehensive summary of all usability and conversion issues

✓ Mock-ups of proposed changes (user friendly and converting design)

✓ Screenshots and call-outs to visualise issues and solutions

✓ Check website speed with speed testing

✓ Psychological tips and strategies

✓ Any bugs found during the testing period

✓ Usability tests on 3 real users

What you will get with a web usability audit:

A detailed Power Point presentation of 55+ slides (can be completed in word if desired). Please see my portfolio for a full usability audit example

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store mates''Samuel did a blinding job. He fully road tested our site, (storemates which is storage sharing service with lots of complicated enquiry, search, booking and payment features) - it was a difficult job but Samuel produced 3 films for us that went indepth into our processes and UX. He gave us constructive objective feedback plus suggestions and examples of where we could improve. We are now revising the specification to upgrade the site based largley on his feedback. Use this guy, he's gold.'' Shaff