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Cross browser testing is manual testing conducted on an application to check website performance across major browsers and devices. It is essential web testing to ensure usability standards are met
Browser testing checks your websites performance across all major browsers and devices. It will identify and report all issues in the front end, from misalignment and formatting issues, styling issues, browser specific bugs and dead links etc.

These are unprofessional and identifying and resolving as many as possible vastly improves the user experience of your website.

Browser testing can be conducted at any stage of development and will ensure the user experience is not hampered by bugs, regardless of the browser or device used to view your application. Explore this article for the latest browser usage statistics
The output of browser testing is a spreadsheet of bugs on your interface across major browsers and devices, conducted by a QA engineer. These may be functionality, layout, styling or spelling issues. The spreasheet will contain clear steps to reproduce each bug, as well as an image and location to assist a developer as much as possible.

✓ Manual testing to ensure your website works optimally across all major browsers. Typically this will cover Google chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.

✓ Check website works optimally across all major devices. This can be discussed, but will typically involve an iOS phone, Android Phone, iOS tablet and Android Tablet.

✓ Receive a spreadsheet of issues with screenshots and steps to recreate each validated bug. This is designed to be handed to a developer to fix.

Need more information? See my blog post explaining in depth what Browser Testing is about.

Overview: Your application is put through a carefully planned and tailored browser testing process. A several phased process is implemented including:
✓ Planning the manual testing, to your website and to your requirements

✓ Implementing web testing across all major browsers and devices

✓ Recording all bugs after re-testing and validating each

✓ Checking every page, link and inch of your user interface is of the highest quality.

Browsers covered:

✓ Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari

Devices covered:

✓ iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, Android Tablet, PC, iMac
Browsing Testing Spreadsheet What you will get with browser testing: A detailed spreadsheet of bugs produced in 'google sheets', with screenshots and the steps required to produce each bug found during browser testing (see video for process). You will receive full access to the spreadsheet via a share link or via email (if provided).

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