I conduct Usability Audits, Browser Testing, Usability Testing and SEO services. These web and ux testing services will enable you to pinpoint usability issues, receive solutions to enhance the user experience of your interface and in the long term improve your return on investment through improved bounce rates and conversion rates (see FAQ for definitions of these terms). Please feel free to explore each and proceed to the one that is right for you and you, to optimise your websites usability and performance today:


 Usability Audit

Usability Audit Thumbnail Image

£429 ($529)


  • A full professional usability audit (2 hour video and 55 slide presentation)

  • Usability and conversion rate analysis with solutions and mockups to make your website easier to use and generating more saless

  • Extensive web testing and consulting of desktop and mobile

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 Browser Testing

Functionality Testing Image

from £249 ($329)


  • A spreadsheet of bugs/issues on your website across browsers and devices

  • Web testing to identify issues across the whole user interface including functionality, layout, styling and browser specific bugs

  • Comprehensive spreadsheet of all bugs with details and screenshots

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Usability Testing 

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£90 ($85) 

  • A 50min expert video review testing and consulting on the usability of your website

  • Identify key usability issues within the user experience by following a test script of questions and using your interface as an end user

  • Web testing, analysing the whole user interface

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“Your objective should always be to eliminate instructions entirely by making everything self-explanatory, or as close to it as possible. When instructions are absolutely necessary, cut them back to a bare minimum.” ― Steve Krug, Don't Make me think