The latest statistics on mobile vs desktop 2015

This article will explore the latest mobile internet trends in 2015 with up to date statistics. This will first look at the current ownership levels of mobile devices and desktop computers in the last 8 years. It will then explore the media usage of both types and what implications this has on businesses.

Mobile Vs Desktop ownership 2015

Mary Meeker, an analyst at Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers reviews trends in technology annually. In 2008 she made the bold statement; "Mobile to overtake fixed Internet access by 2014". A recent study by ComCore can confirm that this is now the case, with the number of Global mobile users soaring, overtaking that of desktop, with all signs pointing to the trend continuing.

Mobile Ownership 2015

Mobile and desktop usage 2015

The graph below shows that mobile apps currently account for 52% of total time users spend consuming digital media. 8% can be contributed to mobile web, so if we factor that into the analysis then in 2015 we see a 60:40 share of digital media in favour of mobile usage over desktop based digital media consumption, with the cross-over occurring late September 2013:

Mobile Vs Desktop 2015Precisely how much time are users spending on mobile?

Analysing the data even further, we can see that the average US citizen spends 2.8 hours per day engaging with internet content on mobile, compared with 2.4 on desktop.

User mobile usage


The implications are clear. The opportunity in mobile is increasing year on year at a steady rate, with mobile now overtaking desktop in terms of both ownership and usage. If you are not reaching your audience through mobile search and display and are prioritising desktop, you are missing a huge opportunity. The battle of mobile vs desktop continues

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