Name Samuel Nickson
Education Economics BSc (Hons), University Of Sheffield (2:1)
Job Title Usability Consultant / Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer
Expertise Usability, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Functionality Testing, Quality Assurance (QA)

About Me

I am Samuel, a usability tester and consultant based in London, UK

I started out usability testing 4 years ago. For the past 3 years i’ve worked as a lead usability tester and consultant for global brands like BMW and a number of startups. I've worked with clients in Australia, the US, Russia and pretty much all of Europe. I am really passionate about usability and what influences user behaviour online. This covers topics such as evidence based user research, modern web design and the psychology of online persuasion.

I am extremely proud of my high quality work and excellent feedback in the thousands of websites, apps and prototypes I have tested to date. You can see samples of my work here.


My Methodology

I take a strategic approach to usability testing. I make sure all the elements of your website/app work well together instead of competing for attention,  I make small changes that have a big impact, ensuring things not only look great, but work the way they should, too.

When designing an interface it’s important to remember that you’re creating a future experience. From the moment a user lands on your website they are judging every single element and basing their interpretation accordingly.

That’s why when I work with businesses my focus is on ensuring their website not only looks great, but functions well. Its all very well having a visually appealing website, but this is just one factor that goes into a positive user experience. Elements such as intuitiveness, clarity and trust are a few of many key variables that contribute towards a user friendly experience. Does your website cater for all your users needs? What's causing friction and frustration? What can be improved? My attention is on the often overlooked details, that give customers what they want and keep them coming back for more.

To me, that’s just common sense and that’s what I'm about.


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store mates''Samuel did a blinding job. He fully road tested our site, (storemates which is storage sharing service with lots of complicated enquiry, search, booking and payment features) - it was a difficult job but Samuel produced 3 films for us that went indepth into our processes and UX. He gave us constructive objective feedback plus suggestions and examples of where we could improve. We are now revising the specification to upgrade the site based largley on his feedback. Use this guy, he's gold.'' Shaff